Insurance Claim Information

US Amateur Basketball does not mandate purchasing Team Insurance.

We do recommend and encourage all teams to have an insurance policy in place that will cover their players in the unfortunate event of an injury.   You can purchase Team Insurance Here.

If you have purchased team insurance with US Amateur Basketball, be sure to print any and all certificates (team certificate as well as any additional insured) and keep them with you in your team book at all times.  You will need your team certificate if you ever need to file a claim. 

Filing an insurance claim:

1. Download the US Amateur Insurance Claim Form:

2. Fill out appropriate portions of form, you will need to fill in your team certificate information as well as submit a copy of your certificate with the claim form.  

3. Submit information to K&K as noted on claim form: You can fax claim to K&K at 312.381.9077 or Mail to:

                     K&K Insurance Group, Inc. PO BOX 2338  Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2338

4. Attach current itemized physician, hospital, or other provider’s bills for accident medical expenses being   claimed as well as the primary carrier’s Explanation of Benefits showing their payments and denials. These bills must show the patient’s name, condition (diagnosis), type of treatment given, date the expense was incurred and the charges made.


If you have insurance questions please contact our office: 



U.S. Amateur Basketball

P.O. Box 5795
Spring Hill, FL  34611
Office: 813-482-7331